Mommys day not mothers day

Today it is mothers day. It is really sunny and nice outside. Daddy got Mommy a card. I made her a card in school it was a made by hand card. I took a purple paper and folded it into four. Then I took a dark purple marker and wrote happy mommy’s day mommy. I made two smiley faces in two corners and in the other two corners I made two hearts. The I put glue on the heart and put pink glitter on top. Inside a wrote thank you for doing my hair everyday in the morning and waiting for me in the car while i am in karate. Then on the next page the whole page was filled with xoxoxoxoxo.

x= hug

o= kiss

Ok!!!!! Back to today. So we gave Mommy all the cards then ate breakfast. After that Daddy needed to go to cherry hill it is like a super market but not for meat. Mommy was sleeping so I watched the baby. It was getting close to 1 o’clock so I fed him lunch. I gave him 2 morning star chicken nuggets. He ate one and a half and drank some boost. That is a protein drink, For kids. Then I went upstairs and dressed him. I put him in an Elmo t- shirt and overalls . He looked so cute in overalls i wanted to eat him up. Then they came back and we got dressed and cleaned and waited for Abuela. She came at 3 and we had a bbq. Daddy made ribs and sausage and hot dog for mostly Matthew and Sammy. We ate and played then we went in the house abuela left I finished my homework then played went to bed. I was so tired.

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  1. shoshana Says:

    that must of been a fun day
    love, shoshana

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