I was playing on my mom’s computer and my tooth well my  last baby tooth just fell out. Out of no where. I was amazed. I felt like it was a miracle. I was so happy. When it fell out I was in my room with the door closed so I was moving it because it was so loose and all of the sudden I was like where did it go. I jumped off the bed got the tooth and ran to my parents room and it was bleeding so they said to rap up the tooth and go rinse the tooth so I did. It finally stopped bleeding so I told my parents then someone we know came to are house  and gave me five dollars. He said it was from the “tooth fairy”. I  didn’t laugh because Sammy my brother still believes in the tooth fairy. I was still laughing inside. I was so happy because it was  my last tooth. Now my mouth has a BIG HOLE. You are probably thinking how does your mouth have a big hole. Well the answer is because if your tooth falls out nothing takes place for the tooth well not in a few hours so you have a big space in your mouth . Now you are probably saying oh. Well if your a kid and still have more teeth to  fall out I hope the tooth fairy comes and gives you a present. Especially if it is your LAST tooth.

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  1. shoshana Says:

    oh hannah such a sweet story it was funny,cute and amazing love, shoshana

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