About Hannah Michele Photography

IMG_0504Amazing things can happen when you give a kid a camera. Since I was nine, my dad has been taking me on photowalks, and I fell in love. It’s allowed me to express myself in new ways, to travel to new places, and even win awards; all by the age of thirteen.

You’ll often find me peeking around behind a dugout, along a sideline, out in nature, or just looking for fun ways to capture people; with my camera. I do photography for fun, but I am also available for hire.

I am usually hired to take pictures of:

-sporting events

-kids parties

-family get togethers

-kids portraits

-and more!

I’m on a mission with my Passion Project that I’m calling “Give A Kid A Camera”. My goal is to raise funds to buy new digital cameras and bring them to the Dell Children’s Hospital. I am also accepting used working cameras. This way kids can find new ways to express themselves, and hopefully this provides them and those around them a different perspective of how they see the world.

You can contact me at hannah@(this domain).com with questions, to find out about hiring me, or to make a donation!

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